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College Projects

Engineering Projects

Engineering Projects


Boiler automation of temperature, water level monitoring and control system using PLC.
SCADA based industrial fluid parameter monitoring and control system.
Automatic oil filling system for automobile vehicles.
SCADA monitoring system for power generation performance and conditioning.
Turbine speed control and management in power plants by PLC.
Solar panels automatic tracking system using PLC.
Automatic packing control machine for Industrial Application.
Product based automatic printing machine using scanner and PLC.
Energy management system for power plants with meters and software.
Building management system for living apartments, Hotels, Hospitals etc.
Simple automatic water level controller system using relay logic.
Railway system automation using programmable logic controller.
Lift and elevator automation system using plc and vfds.
Wireless sensor and network based power plant automation and control system.
Automatic rotating table with sequence operating machine.
Waste water treatment plant automation.
Sheet metal process automation using PLC and HMI.
Automatic pressure controller cum valve open/close arrangement using relay logic/PLC.
Automatic signalling, alarm indicators, safety measurement for railways using SCADA monitoring and PLC.
Automatic spray painting automation in industrial applications using PLC.
Automation and control in windmill power station for measuring and monitoring the windmill parameters and indicator status.


Vehicle location and tracking system using GSM and GPS.
Smart phone based home appliance control.
Solar based irrigation system using 8051 micro controller.
GSM based automatic energy meter reading.
Automatic railway signalling and controlling using micro controller.
Gas leakage and automatic on or off control system using embedded .
Zigbee wirelesses relay control and power monitoring system.
Boiler level control system using GSM .
Wireless tire pressure monitoring system using microcontroller and Zigbee communication.
Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting.
GPS based station name announcement and display system for train/buses.
GSM based remote monitoring and control of digital energy meter.
Wireless speedo meter for boar/ship with speed and location limit alerts.
Liquid dispensing system with adjustable quantity for industrial use.
Timer based electrical oven temperature monitoring and control for metal industries.
Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial sealing/packaging machines.
Microcontroller based automatic liquid dispensing system used in tea/coffee, soft drink vending machines.
Wifi and pc based advanced home automation system.
Level indication, current stock in the tank and total amount of dispense/day of petrol stations.
Automatic gate open system using light intensity and vehicle number.
GSM Based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System.
An Innovative College Bus Information System to Students Using GSM.
Microcontroller Based Automotive Antitheft Wireless Alarm.
Mobile Phone Controlled Dam Water Gates Controlling System With High-Level Protection.
Automatic Detection Of Train Arrival Through An Accelerometer Using RF.
Remote Monitoring System For Oil Wells Based On GSM/GPRS Technology.
Micro controller based apartment, home water management system.
Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks In The Oil, Gas And Resources Industries.
ICU Patient Monitoring System With Automatic SMS System Using GSM Wireless Technology.
High Secured Password Protected Door Accessing System Using Touch Pane.
Speed control of vehicles and steering control by distance between the objects(vehicles) using ultrasonic wave sensor.
Steering control between driver and automation to avoid accidents.
Indication of name boards and driving and safety symbols in vehicles using wireless transmission system.
Consumption of fuel and current stock of fuel in the tank, fuel level, air tire pressure of the vehicles using microcontroller.
Development of colour sensor using wireless camera based on MATLAB image processing.


Design and Application of Zigbee Wireless Techniques for an Intelligent House Lighting Control System.
Identification and feature extraction of moving vehicles in Lab VIEW.
Design and implementation of the moving work piece sorting system based on Lab VIEW.
Wireless transmission of alarm signals from baby incubators to neonatal nursing station.
The application of Lab view in mine hydrology wireless monitoring system.
The multi-point pressure and temperature measurement system for aerodynamic tunnel.
Sensors network based on mobile robots.
Wireless sensor network protocol developed for microcontroller based Wireless Sensor units, and data processing with visualization by Lab VIEW.
Identification and real time control of a hybrid tank system through virtual instrumentation.
Lab VIEW based remote laboratory for advanced motion control.
Lab VIEW based expert system for detection of heart abnormalities.
Level control of a spherical tank system using conventional & intelligent controllers.
Harmful Gases Wireless Network Monitoring System Design.
Fire rescue system in railways using Lab VIEW.
Application of Wireless Sensor Network in remote monitoring: Water-level sensing and temperature sensing, and their application in agriculture.
Detection and control of corrosion in buried gas pipe line using Lab VIEW.


Temperature and humidity monitoring through wireless sensor network using shortest path algorithm.
Design and implementation of load cell based fuel level measurement.
Monitoring activities of daily living based on wearable wireless body sensor network.
Velocity difference control based on dynamic tracking of safe following distance in the process of vehicle following.
Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection.
A new prototype of smart parking using wireless sensor networks.
Apply of coal-bunker fire warning system based on Zigbee.
Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection.
Secured GPS based traffic monitoring system in pervasive environment.
Smart ration card using RFID and GSM technique.
Remote monitoring in home automation using low cost microcontroller.
Design and Performance Enhancements in Communication-Based Train Control Systems with Coordinated Multipoint Transmission and Reception.
Web-based remote monitoring system for nuclear power plant.
Optical Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System Using LED Transmitter and Camera Receiver.
Harmful Gases Wireless Network Monitoring System Design.
Collision detection system for vehicles in hilly and dense fog affected area to generate collision alerts.
Voice communication based on Zigbee wireless sensor networks.
An interactive LED lighting interface for high energy savings.
Freighter fuel level detection and overload alarming system with safety notification via GSM.
Full duplex device to device communication in cellular networks.
Design of smart home control system based on Cortex-A8 and Zigbee.
Reliable monitoring of oil and gas pipelines using wireless sensor network (WSN) - REMONG.
Remote monitoring of energy consumption using Zigbee and GSM networking.
Advanced street lighting maintenance using GPS, light intensity measuring and incremental cost-effectiveness ratio.
WSN based utility System for effective monitoring and control of household power consumption.
Wireless sensor networks for efficient irrigation system using hybrid pv -wind system.
Networking technology of fault indication system based on Zigbee.
Monitoring and remote control of energy consumption by Wi-Fi networks.
Application of fire monitoring and personnel evacuation in subway station based on Wireless Sensor Network.
Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management with Touch Screen .
IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle.
Auto Power Supply Control from 4 Different Sources: Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter to Ensure No Break Power.
Automatic Star Delta Starter Using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer for Induction Motor.
Movement based automatic door opening system.
Cable fault distance locator for underground system.


Micro controller based stepper motor angle rotation control.
Wireless mobile battery charger circuit based on the principle of mutual inductance.
Speed synchronization of multiple motors in industries by variable frequency drives .
Railway level crossing gate control through SMS by the station master or the driver.
Family of single-stage resonant AC/DC converters with PFC.
Single phase single switch PWM three level high power factor rectifier for DC network application.
Single phase matrix converter operating as buck and boost rectifier.
Zero voltage switching bidirectional DC-DC converter with state analysis and soft switching oriented design consideration.
High step-up resonant push-pull converter with high efficiency.
Design, study, modelling and control of a new single phase high power factor rectifier based on the single-ended primary inductance converter and the Sheppard-Taylor topology.
Design of high power density DC bus converter based on LLC resonant converter with synchronous rectifier.
Analysis and Real-Time Testing of a Controlled Single-Phase pulse width Modulated Inverter for Capacitor-Run Induction Motors.
Power Injection System for Photovoltaic Generation Plants with Active filtering Capability converter.
Microcontroller Based Soft-Switched Buck Converter.
Analysis and implementation of an Improved Soft-switched Synchronous Buck Converter.
Novel Half-Bridge Inductive DC-DC Isolated Converters for Fuel Cell Applications.
Positive Voltage Injection Switching Inductor (P-VISI) Method for Fast Transient Response in SMPS under Loading Condition.
Single-Stage Single-Switch Switched-Capacitor Buck/Buck-Boost-Type.
Fixed-frequency Sliding Mode Controller for Buck Converter in Continuous Conduction Mode.
Single-Stage Fly back Converter for Constant Current Output LED Driver with Power Factor Correction.
AC/DC power conversion interface for self-excited induction generator.
Single-Stage High-Power-Factor Electronic Ballast With ZVS Buck-Boost Conversion.
High-Efficiency Fuel Cell Power Conditioning System With Input current Ripple Reduction.
Single-Stage Offline SEPIC Converter with Power Factor Correction to Drive High Brightness LEDs.
Design and Implementation of Microcontroller based PWM technique for Sine wave Inverter.
Light-Load Efficiency Improvement for Buck Voltage Regulators.
Design and Comparison of Two Front-end DC/DC Converters: LLC Resonant Converter and Soft-switched Phase-shifted Full-bridge Converter with Primary-side Energy Storage Inductor.
Zero-Current-Transition Bridgeless PFC Without Extra Voltage and Current Stress.


Robust Histogram Shape-Based Method for Biometric watermarking based on contourlet transforms .
Channel Capacity Analysis of the Generalized Spread Spectrum Watermarking in Audio Signals .
A Reversible Watermarking Technique for Social Network Data Sets for Enabling Data Trust in Cyber, Physical, and Social Computing .
A New Multivariate Statistical Model for Change Detection in Images Acquired by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sensors.
License Plate Identification Using Artificial Neural Network and Wavelet Transformed Feature Selection .
Exponential Contrast Restoration in Fog Conditions for Driving Assistance .
Image Fuzzy Clustering Based on the Region-Level Markov Random Field Model .
A Fast Single Image Haze Removal Algorithm Using Color Attenuation Prior (IEEE 2015).
Single-Image shadow detection and removal using local color constancy computation.
Learning Spatial and Temporal Extents of Human Actions for Action Detection.
Single and Multiple Object Tracking Using a Multi-Feature Joint Sparse Representation.
Genetic Algorithm-Based Moving Object Detection for Real-time Traffic Surveillance .
Real-time Fire Detection for Video Surveillance Applications using a Combination of Experts based on Color, Shape and Motion.
Video-Analysis-Based Railway-Road Safety System for Detecting Hazard Situations at Level Crossings.


Extraction of VLSI Multi conductor Transmission Line Parameters by Complementarily..
Development Of Low Temperature Oxidation Process Using Ozone For VLSI.
VLSI Implementation Of Parallel Prefix Subtractor Using Modified 2's Complement Technique And BIST Verification Using LFSR Technique.
Logic Complexity Reduction And VLSI Architecture For Image Compression Using Conventional Adders.
System Design For Encoding And Decoding To Minimize The Crosstalk In VLSI Circuits.
VLSI Implementation And Analysis Of Parallel Adders For Low Power Applications.
Efficient VLSI architecture using DIT-FFT radix-2 and split radix FFT algorithm.
Design And Implementation Of Low Power High Speed VLSI DSP System For Multi rate Poly phase Interpolator.
Micro fluidic Biochips: Connecting VLSI And Embedded Systems To The Life Sciences.
Efficient Techniques For The Capacitance Extraction Of Chip-Scale VLSI Interconnects Using Floating Random Walk Algorithm..
Energy Efficient Advanced Low Power CMOS Design To Reduce Power Consumption In Deep Submicron Technologies In CMOS Circuit For VLSI Design.
A Novel Reduced-Complexity Soft-Input Soft-Output MMSE MIMO Detector: Algorithm And Efficient VLSI Architecture.
Advanced Symbolic Analysis For VLSI Systems.
An optimal flip flop designs for vlsi power minimization..
VLSI Architecture For Implementing Kaiser Bessel Window Function Using Expanded Hyperbolic CORDIC Algorithm.
Efficient VLSI Architectures For Matrix Inversion In Soft-Input Soft-Output MMSE MIMO Detectors.
Phase Locked Loop Using VLSI Technology For Wireless Communication.
Evaluation And Comparison Of Single-Wall Carbon Nano tubes And Copper As VLSI interconnect.
A Two-Bit Bus-Invert Coding Scheme With A Mid-Level State Bus-Line For Low Power VLSI design.
Predict VLSI Circuit Reliability Risks Using Neural Network.
Trace-Based Post-Silicon Validation For VLSI Circuits.
Design Of Low Cost Image Scaling Processor Using Single Line Buffer Based On VLSI architecture.
Power Reduction In Digital VLSI Circuits.
Analysis Of VLSI Based Induction Motor Speed Control Using Auto Tune PID Controller.
A report on low power vlsi curcuit design.
System Design For Encoding And Decoding To Minimize The Crosstalk In VLSI Circuits.
Optimization Techniques For Low Power VLSI Circuits.
VLSI Based 1-D ICT Processor For Image Coding.
CMOS VLSI Implementation Of Adders With Low Leakage Power.
Implementation of Beds By Various Techniques In Low Power VLSI Design..
Backtrack input vector algorithm for leakage reduction in cmos vlsi digital circuit design.
A Review Of Nano scale Channel And Gate Engineered Finfets For VLSI Mixed Signal Applications Using Zirconium-Di-Oxide Dielectrics.
CMOS VLSI Design Of Low Power Comparator Logic Circuits.
VLSI implementation of rc4 stream cipher using hardware pipelining.
An Efficient VLSI Architecture For Removal Of Impulse Noise In Images.
Wireless Cellular Communication Using 100 Nanometers Spintronics Device Based VLSI.
Design Of Storage Element For Low Power VLSI System.
Lightweight VLSI Design Of Hybrid Hummingbird Cryptographic Algorithm.
A Novel VLSI Architecture Of A Weighted Average Method Based Defuzzifier Unit.
A Study On Various Data Mining Algorithms Pertaining To VLSI Cell Partitioning.
Analysis Of Utility Theory On VLSI Cell Placement.
Application Of Evolutionary Algorithms For Multi-Objective Optimization In VLSI And Embedded Systems.
Impact Of Process Variations On Soft Error Sensitivity Of 32-Nm VLSI Circuits In Near-Threshold Region.
Simulation Analysis And Performance Of The Reactive Components Of MOS Structure Towards Small Size VLSI Circuits.
Design And Implementation Of Neural Network Based Circuits For VLSI Testing.
VLSI Implementation And Performance Evaluation Of Universal Modulator Using CORDIC Algorithm For Digital Communication Applications.
Test Data Compression Architecture For Low power VLSI Testing.
Analysis Of Clustering Techniques In VLSI Cell Partitioning.
A VLSI Architecture For H. 264/AVC Variable Block Size Motion Estimation.
Parallel Architecture For The VLSI Implementation.
Cryptography Based On Hash Function BLAKE 32 In VLSI.
System Design For Encoding And Decoding To Minimize The Crosstalk In VLSI Circuits.
Logic Complexity Reduction And VLSI Architecture For Image Compression Using Conventional Adders.
VLSI Based Accident Information And Car Security System.