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  Machine Design

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Machine Design

  • Fundamentals of Machine Design
    • Design philosophy.
    • Engineering Materials.
    • Brief overview of design and manufacturing.
  • Stresses in Machine Elements
    • Simple stresses.
    • Compound stresses in machine parts.
    • Strain analysis.
  • Design for Strength
    • Design for static loading.
    • Stress Concentration.
    • Design for dynamic loading.
    • Low and high cycle fatigue.
  • Fasteners
    • Types of fasteners: Pins and keys Cotter and knuckle joint Lesson 3 Threaded Fasteners Lesson 4 Design of bolted joints.
  • Couplings
    • Introduction, types and uses.
    • Design procedures for rigid and flexible rubber-bushed couplings.
  • Power Screws
    • Power Screw drives and their efficiency.
    • Design of power screws.
  • Design of springs
    • Introduction to Design of Helical Springs .
    • Design of Helical Springs for Variable Load.
    • Design of Leaf Springs
  • Design of Shaft
    • Shaft and its design based on strength .
    • Design of shaft for variable load and based on stiffness.
  • Thin and thick cylinders
    • Thin Cylinders.
    • Thick cylinders - Stresses due to internal and external pressures.
    • Design principles for thick cylinders.
  • Design of Permanent Joints
  • Riveted Joints : Types and Uses
  • Design of Riveted Joints
  • Welded Joints: Types and Uses
  • Design of Welded Joints
  • Design of Adhesive Joints